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Lynne Henderson, PhD, is a psychologist; founder of the Social Fitness Center; founder and codirector of the Shyness Institute in Berkeley, CA; director of applied social research at the Heroic Imagination Project; and author of The Compassionate Mind Guide to Building Social Confidence. Find out more about Henderson's work at shyness.com.

Books by Lynne Henderson

Helping Your Shy and Socially Anxious Client
Lynne Henderson
Foreword by Philip G. Zimbardo
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Helping Your Shy And Socially Anxious Client presents a breakthrough therapeutic approach to treating social anxiety. In a world dominated by extroverts, being shy or socially anxious can make life... Read More
The Compassionate-Mind Guide to Building Social Confidence
Lynne Henderson
Foreword by Paul Gilbert
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Shyness is a universal human emotion, a blend of fear and interest, and is associated with many positive personality traits: a considerate nature, thoughtfulness, and the ability to be a good... Read More