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Michelle Skeen, PsyD, is a therapist who lives and works in San Francisco, CA. She helps individuals overcome fear-based beliefs utilizing schema awareness, self-compassion, and behavioral- and mindfulness-based approaches. She is author of Love Me, Don’t Leave Me and coauthor of Communication Skills for Teens. Skeen hosts a weekly radio show called Relationships 2.0 with Dr. Michelle Skeen. To find out more, visit her website at www.michelleskeen.com.

Books by Michelle Skeen

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You are stronger than your anxiety! In this important workbook, best-selling authors Matthew McKay, Patrick Fanning, and Michelle Skeen offer a breakthrough anxiety solution based in cognitive... Read More
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Communication is an essential life skill that every teen must learn. Based on the New Harbinger classic, Messages, this book will teach you the necessary skills—such as assertiveness, active... Read More
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Everyone thrives on love, comfort, and the safety of family, friends, and community. But if you are denied these basic comforts early in life, whether through a lack of physical affection or... Read More
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Do you often lash out at people? Do you let your emotions rule your interactions with others? Do you find it difficult to see things from others’ point of view? You are not alone. Despite the fact... Read More
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Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Interpersonal Problems presents a complete treatment protocol for therapists working with clients who repeatedly fall into unhealthy patterns in their... Read More
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When you are in a relationship with a critical partner—someone who constantly blames you and holds you to unrealistic standards—you may feel picked apart, unworthy, and unhappy. You may start to... Read More