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Steven C. Hayes, PhD, is foundation professor in the department of psychology at the University of Nevada, Reno. An author of forty-four books and over 600 scientific articles, his career has focused on an analysis of the nature of human language and cognition, and the application of this to the understanding and alleviation of human suffering and the promotion of human prosperity. He has received several awards, including the Impact of Science on Application Award from the Society for the Advancement of Behavior Analysis, and the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies (ABCT).

Books by Steven C. Hayes

Get Out of Your Mind and Into Your Life
Steven C. Hayes
with Spencer Smith
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Get ready to take a different perspective on your problems and your life-and the way you live it. Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) is a new, scientifically based psychotherapy that takes a... Read More
Learning ACT
Jason B. Luoma, Steven C. Hayes and Robyn D. Walser
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The groundswell of interest in acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) is among the most remarkable developments in contemporary psychotherapy. Whether you are new to the profession or an... Read More
ACT for Clergy and Pastoral Counselors
Edited by Jason A. Nieuwsma, Robyn D. Walser and Steven C. Hayes
Foreword by Siang-Yang Tan
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For the first time ever, three pioneers in the field of acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) present an edited volume that outlines how the core ACT processes can be applied to religious and... Read More
Learning ACT Second Edition
Jason B. Luoma, Steven C. Hayes and Robyn D. Walser
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Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) is among the most remarkable developments in contemporary psychotherapy. This second edition of the pioneering ACT skills-training manual for clinicians... Read More
Process-Based CBT
Edited by Steven C. Hayes and Stefan G Hofmann
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Edited by Steven C. Hayes and Stefan G. Hofmann, and based on the new training standards developed by the Inter-Organizational Task Force on Cognitive and Behavioral Psychology Doctoral Education,... Read More
Evolution and Contextual Behavioral Science
Edited by David Sloan Wilson and Steven C. Hayes
Foreword by Anthony Biglan
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What do evolutionary science and contextual behavioral science have in common? Edited by David Sloan Wilson and Steven C. Hayes, this groundbreaking book offers a glimpse into the histories of these... Read More
ACT Verbatim for Depression and Anxiety
Steven C. Hayes and Michael Twohig
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Copublished with Context Press This collection of transcripts, organized and annotated by Michael P. Twohig and acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) founder Steven C. Hayes, guides you through... Read More
Mindfulness and Acceptance for Addictive Behaviors
Edited by Steven C. Hayes and Michael Levin
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As a clinician or researcher in the field of mental health or addictions, this book will offer you powerful insight into how acceptance and mindfulness-based interventions are being successfully... Read More
Acceptance and Mindfulness Treatments for Children and Adolescents
Edited by Laurie A. Greco and Steven C. Hayes
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Though acceptance and mindfulness interventions have proven enormously effective for adults with stress, anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues, they have not been fully documented for... Read More
Prescription Privileges for Psychologists
Edited by Steven C. Hayes and Elaine Heiby
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Even with the decisions by New Mexico and Louisiana to grant prescription privileges to psychologists and other states considering whether to follow suit, the debate over this issue is still very... Read More
ACT in Action
Steven C. Hayes
with Kelly G. Wilson
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In episode 4, Mindfulness, Self, and the Present Moment, you'll be introduced to the mindfulness components of ACT. Find out how to use mindfulness in session, help your client foster a ranscendent... Read More
Scientific Standards of Psychological Practice
Edited by Robyn Dawes, Victoria Follette, Kathleen Grady and Steven C. Hayes
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Applied psychological research is worthless unless it is used in practice, but getting research information out to the practicing community is a real challenge. This book offers the beginnings of... Read More
A History of the Behavioral Therapies
Edited by William T. O'Donohue, Deborah Henderson, Steven C. Hayes, Jane Fisher and Linda J. Hayes
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In this unique work, eighteen of the most influential and significant figures in the various subareas of behavior therapy (from behavior analysis through cognitive therapy) are brought together to... Read More
ACT in Action
Steven C. Hayes
with Rainer Sonntag
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One of the more central processes in the ACT model, Cognitive Defusion, is the subject of the third episode in the series. Learn what defusion is and watch as Hayes starts out a client with defusion... Read More
Varieties of Scientific Contextualism
Edited by Linda J. Hayes, Steven C. Hayes and Hayne Reese
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Contextualism as a philosophy of science has been receiving increased attention from psychologists and other social scientists frustrated with the dominant mechanistic view within psychology. This... Read More