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Tobias Lundgren, MS, is a licensed clinical psychologist specializing in cognitive behavior therapy and ACT. He is an active clinician and a researcher in the areas of behavior medicine, psychometrics, and self-destructive behavior. Lundgren is affiliated with the psychology department at the University of Uppsala in Sweden, and has conducted research in many developing countries.

Books by Tobias Lundgren

The Art and Science of Valuing in Psychotherapy
JoAnne Dahl, Jennifer Plumb-Vilardaga, Ian Stewart and Tobias Lundgren
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Valuing is central to acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), yet few therapists truly understand how to engage clients in this complex process. Questions such as What is the purpose of my life?... Read More
Living Beyond Your Pain
JoAnne Dahl and Tobias Lundgren
Foreword by Steven C. Hayes
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Here is an approach to living with chronic pain unlike any you’ve seen before, one that breaks through pain to help you live the rich and full life you deserve. Based on acceptance and commitment... Read More