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The Conscious Bride

The Conscious Bride
Women Unveil Their True Feelings about Getting Hitched




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ISBN: 9781572242135
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About the Book

While family and future in-laws squabble over the menu and the table decorations, brides are supposed to sit, smile, and bask in the prospect of their happiness, even though that prospect is guaranteed to include the post-wedding depression that hits some 90 percent of women during their first year of marriage. This is a must-have book for any woman who has found the partner she wants to be with for the rest of her life and has made up her mind to celebrate that commitment.

Bridal counselor Sheryl Paul interviewed a diverse group of women who share their true feelings about the many concerns that can make an engagement a roller coaster of emotional ups and downs. Along with practical advice and support, you will find welcome acknowledgement of shared doubts and fears that so often run amok as wedding bells take their toll.


Sheryl Nissinen (Author)

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Sheryl Paul (Author)
Sheryl Paul, MA, enjoys a thriving practice as a bridal counselor, helping brides-to-be cope with the many issues and transitions from the engagement, ceremony, and honeymoon through the first year of marriage. She is the author of The... Read more

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