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Experimental and Applied Analysis of Human Behavior

Experimental and Applied Analysis of Human Behavior





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ISBN: 9781878978370
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About the Book

This volume, which developed out of the Third European Meeting for the Experimental Analysis of Behavior held in Dublin, Ireland, in July of 1997, presents sixteen essays from leading behavioral scholars. Topics include selectionism, reinforcement, stimulus equivalence, relational frame theory, bridging the gap between experimental and applied behavior analysis and more.


Derek Blackman (Editor)
Derek Blackman, PhD, is professor emeritus of psychology at Cardiff University, Wales, and lives in Hastings, England, where he is involved in a wide range of activities including innovative international education.

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Julian Leslie (Editor)
Julian C. Leslie, PhD, is professor of psychology at the University of Ulster, Northern Ireland where he researches behavioral neuroscience and teaches postgraduate courses in applied behavior analysis.

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