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The Good Eater

The Good Eater
The True Story of One Man's Struggle with Binge Eating Disorder




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About the Book

At the age of twenty-one, stylish and striking Ron Saxen turned heads on the street. A promising model with a tony California agency, his lithe and muscular body graced the pages of magazines and even the cover of a fitness book. He was headed for a future of bright lights and brighter possibilities-but a dark turn of events would leave Saxen working for minimum wage in a coffee shop and dodging his agent less than a year later.

Binge eating disorder, a malady that strikes some 2.5 million Americans-40 percent of whom are men-led Saxen to gain nearly one hundred pounds, destroying his modeling career and threatening his health and sanity. This compelling memoir tells Saxen's story as he plunges into binge eating, dangerous starvation diets, drug use, and a rollercoaster ride of odd careers, destructive relationships, and personal tragedies-all set against a fabulous backdrop that ranges from the streets of Sacramento to the fundamentalist enclaves of the Great Plains. A gripping page turner from start to finish, this amazing personal memoir will help break stereotypes and shed new light on this common disorder.


Ron Saxen (Author)
Ron Saxen has worked as a model, stand-up comedian, and comedy writer and had worked in sales for a number of high-profile companies. He lives in Berkeley, CA.

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The Good Eater is an honest, brave account of one man’s difficult struggle with body image and food. I commend Ron Saxen for having the courage to write a book that reflects his personal battle with binge eating disorder. His honesty and openness can help the many men who suffer in silence with this problem, as well as educate others that eating disorders are not exclusive to one gender.
—Roberto Olivardia, Ph.D., clinical instructor in psychology in the Department of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and coauthor of The Adonis Complex

Eating disorders are not for women only. In The Good Eater, Ron Saxen describes his lifelong struggle with binge eating disorder. Sometimes painful, often humorous, The Good Eater provides hope for anyone who has ever used food for coping with emotions, low self-esteem, and life’s challenges.
—Joyce D. Nash, Ph.D., author of Binge No More

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