How to Download Past Orders

How do I download e-Books or Audiobooks that I bought on your old website (before March 17th, 2021)?

1. First, login to your account

If you need to reset your password but are not receiving a Reset Password email, please contact Customer Service. We can provide a temporary password for you.

2. Next, you’ll need to unbundle each order by clicking “Download” for each row marked “Past Order”

When you click “Download” next to a Past Order, the page will refresh.

3. Now find your e-book or audiobook files next to today’s date at the top

You can find the e-Book & PDF or Audiobook associated with that order at the top of the “My Downloads” list.

4. Click “Download” next to each unbundled product name and the file should download to your device’s default download location

Some of our e-Books and Audiobooks are very large files, so we recommend downloading them to a computer, then uploading to your phone, tablet, or e-reader from there.

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