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I Hope You Die Soon

I Hope You Die Soon
Words on Non-Duality




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ISBN: 9780955176210
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About the Book

This is an uncompromising and provocative book about non-duality.

In liberation it is seen that all phenomena simply arise in awareness with no person mediating them. Purpose, religion and paths of spiritual development all lose their meaning when it is seen that there is no one who exercises choice.

“The most common misconception about liberation is that it is something an individual can gain. But liberation is a loss—the loss of the sense that there ever was a separate individual who could choose to do something to bring about liberation. When it is seen that there is no separation, the sense of vulnerability and fear that attaches to the individual falls away ... then life is simply lived and relaxation takes place. There is a sense of ease with whatever is the case and an end to grasping for what might be."
—From I Hope You Die Soon


Richard Sylvester is a humanistic psychologist, therapist, and lecturer. For thirty years he engaged with a variety of spiritual practices while training in psychotherapeutic techniques and teaching counseling. Sylvester has written three previous... Read more

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“Richard's description of what has been seen in liberation is both eloquent and down to earth. His direct, uncluttered and concise expression can be readily identified with and speaks directly to that knowing which is beyond seeking”
Tony Parsons, author of The Open Secret

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