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A Manual for Assertiveness Trainers

A Manual for Assertiveness Trainers




Publication date:


ISBN: 9780915166145

About the Book

Simply the best guide for professionals who teach social skills and assertiveness. Procedures for assessment, training, and anger. Identifies limitations, contraindications, qualifications of assertiveness trainers, and applications. Bibliography includes more than 300 entries.


Robert Alberti (Author)
Robert Alberti, PhD, has received international recognition for his writing and editing, which is often praised as the “gold standard” for psychological self-help. Recently retired from a long career as a psychologist, marriage and family therapist... Read more

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Michael Emmons (Author)
Michael Emmons, PhD, (1938-2016), was a celebrated psychologist; consultant to educational, government, and business organizations; trainer of marriage and family counseling interns at California Polytechnic State University; and author or coauthor... Read more

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