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The Matrix Repatterning Program for Pain Relief

The Matrix Repatterning Program for Pain Relief
Self-Treatment for Musculoskeletal Pain




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ISBN: 9781572243910
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About the Book

Statistics suggest that nearly half of all doctor visits are prompted by pain that defies diagnosis, pain that is most often treated with pain-killing medication that masks or even worsens the underlying problem. In this book, George Roth, a noted chiropractic physician, adapts his revolutionary pain relief technique, until now available only to professionals, for general readers. This innovative system of low-impact body scanning and energy balancing offers readers simple but effective techniques to check the body for stress and tension and to relieve it.

Known as the Matrix Repatterning Program for pain relief, Roth's method is grounded in a concept called the tensegrity matrix, an idea that conceives of the body as composed of a single lattice of tissue that extends to the cellular level. When one part of the body is injured or suffers strain or tension, the rest of the body also experiences stress. Pain caused by the initial injury can be referred to another part of the body—even one with no apparent connection to the original damage—while the actual location of the problem doesn't hurt at all. Through this process, stiff necks, back and joint pain, and muscle aches are often caused by injuries and imbalances elsewhere in the body. With an easy-to-follow series of photographs, readers will use this book to learn the Matrix Repatterning Program's three-part process: the body scan, the body check, and the self-treatment program. Relief from chronic pain will follow quickly with regular practice. The book also includes resources for readers who wish to locate professionals who practice the program.


George Roth (Author)
George Roth, DC, ND, is a chiropractor and naturopathic physician. He teaches seminars to health professionals and to the public on naturopathic medicine, preventative health care, and nutrition. He specializes in the rehabilitation of... Read more

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