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Moved By the Spirit

Moved By the Spirit
Discovery and Transformation in the Lives of Leaders




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ISBN: 9781886230682
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About the Book

Vivid and dramatic narratives of the single most transformative experience in the lives of some of the most prominent spiritual leaders, writers, and healers on the planet. Arun Ghandi, Thomas Moore, Riane Eisler, John Gray, Pat Love, Jose Cervantes, Barbara De Angelis and many others describe their spiritual transformations: in chapels and temples; on a walk in Ireland; on an icy New Hampshire road; in the African jungle; alone, or at the feet of a great teacher. They were precipitated by tragedy, adversity, and by moments of great job. A few fit the template of a formal religious conversion, but many were far more secular. A "spiritual experience" is unique to each individual, and these accounts range from selfless service for others to devoted practice of a sacred tradition to self-affirming personal advancement. But all resulted in a life-changing path from that moment on.


Jeffrey Kottler (Author)
Jeffrey Kottler, PhD, is the author of over 60 books in the fields of counseling, psychology, and education, including Making Changes Last, On Being a Therapist, and Divine Madness. Jeffrey is Professor and Chair of the Counseling Department at... Read more

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Jon Carlson (Author)
Jon Carlson, PsyD,EdD, ABPP, is a distinguished professor in the Division of Psychology and Counseling at Governors State University and a psychologist at the Wellness Clinic in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. He is past president of the International... Read more

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“A useful book that offers methods, insights and anecdotes to help the reader to awaken and transform. The contributors tell their stories—not just any story, but the most significant story of their lives, the one that set them on their particular path of spiritual enlightenment. Honest, wise and useful.”
Jack Canfield, co-creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series

“The stories contained in Moved by the Spirit describe the many ways to spiritual transformation. Each resulted in creating a life-changing path that gave greater meaning, purpose and fulfillment to the person's life.”
Deepak Chopra, MD, author, Life After Death: The Burden of Proof

“This book demolishes the idea that there is a formula for ‘getting there.’ The remarkable variety of these experiences reveals that each life, each path, is uniquely different and original. An inspiring, fulfilling read.”
Larry Dossey, MD, author, The Extraordinary Healing Power of Ordinary Things

“Anyone reading the stories in this book will have their own consciousness of spirituality expanded and will be invited to consider that there are many doors to the transcendent. I recommend it to everyone with an interest in the subject.”
Harville Hendrix, PhD, author, Getting the Love You Want

“...I found this small book very easy to read and easy to use as a contemplative tool.”
PsycCRITIQUES - APA Review of Books, August 2007

“...I was deeply impressed by the spirituality of these leaders. The passionate spirit of each individual shines through, especially in their quoted words.”
Counseling Today, Resource Reviews, October 2007

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