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Overcoming Situational and General Anger - Client Manual

Overcoming Situational and General Anger - Client Manual




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ISBN: 9781572242050
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About the Book

Effective protocols save time, increase the probability of obtaining good results, make it easier to train and supervise new therapists, and satisfy the needs of third parties to know that the proposed treatment follows the best available practices. Protocols are consistently formatted and organized; a detailed session-by-session treatment program that includes worksheets, homework assignments, in-session treatment exercises, and didactic material; specific assessment measures both for the target disorder and for the overall treatment program; a treatment plan summary for managed care requirements. This protocol outlines an eight-session treatment for therapists for working with individual adults with anger management problems. Interventions include stress inoculation, cognitive restructuring, relaxation, and coping skills rehearsal.


Jerry Deffenbacher, PhD, is a psychologist in private practice.

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