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Working for Peace

Working for Peace
A Handbook of Practical Psychology and Other Tools
Edited by Rachel MacNair
Foreword by Arun Gandhi




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ISBN: 9781886230729
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About the Book

The most complete guidebook yet to social activism. Forty active peace workers -- psychologists, social workers, communication specialists and other professionals -- offer detailed practical guidance on getting yourself together, maintaining an effective group of volunteers, and getting the word out to the larger community.


Rachel MacNair (Editor)
Rachel M. MacNair, PhD, is Director of the Institute for Integrated Social Analysis, a research organization specializing in the connections between various social issues of violence.

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Arun Gandhi (Foreword by)

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“...filled with practical steps that every person can take to become a doctor to the planet. Our Global survival is dependent on it.”
Helen Caldicott, MD, President and Founder, Nuclear Policy Research Institute, International Peacemaker

“...the book reflects thoughtful understanding of the complex components of effective action for peace.”
M. Brewster Smith, PhD, Professor Emeritus, UC Santa Cruz, Past President, Psychologists for Social Responsibility, Past President, American Psychological Association

“This is a timely addition to the ever-growing literature on Peace Studies, especially psychological aspects thereof... Much more could be said about this highly informative handbook.”
Francisco Gomes de Matos, Universidade Federal de Pernambuco and Associacao Brasil America/Recife, Brazil

Working for Peace is an unusually comprehensive survey of many psychological attitudes and tools that can be used to implement the intent of its title. Virtually everyone interested in helping to solve problems of violence, terrorism, war, and genocide will find many useful suggestions in this excellent book. I highly recommend it.”
Albert Ellis, PhD, psychologist and founder, Albert Ellis Institute

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