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You Can Beat Depression

You Can Beat Depression
A Guide to Prevention & Recovery
Fourth Edition




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ISBN: 9781886230606
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About the Book

Here’s a revised and updated edition of the most readable book on depression. Folks who are feeling really depressed often don’t feel much like reading, but You Can Beat Depressionis a very reader-friendly self-help guide. This important resource has been recognized by the National Institute of Mental Health D/ART program and the National Mental Health Association. Readers will find all-new information on bipolar disorder diagnosis and treatment, along with helpful material on prevention of depression, prevention of relapse after treatment, brief therapy interventions, exercise and other non-medical approaches, the Prozac controversy, and much more. Includes an up-to-date consumer guide to medications. Its comprehensive approach to self-assessment carefully guides readers to figure out when and how they can help themselves, when they need to seek professional treatment, and what to expect along the way.


John D. Preston (Author)
John D. Preston, PsyD, ABPP, is a licensed psychologist, and author or coauthor of twenty books. He is professor emeritus of psychology at Alliant International University, and has also served on the faculty of the UC Davis School of Medicine. He... Read more

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“...brief, clear, to the point, highly readable... I recommend it...”
A. John Rush, MD, University of Texas Medical Center

“Clear, easily understandable approach to depression that the average reader will find very helpful.”
Albert Ellis, PhD, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Graduate School of Psychology, Rutgers University

“...a succinct, comprehensive account of the causes, treatments, and manifestations of depression...”
Arnold A. Lazarus, PhD

“An excellent self-help guide... could help anyone beat the blues quickly and effectively.”
American Library Association BOOKLIST

“ easy to read, practical guide for individuals and family members coping with depression. Clinical depression is an illness for which effective treatments are available. The National Public Education Campaign on Clinical Depression sponsored by the National Health Association has made great strides in educating people about the signs and symptoms of depression and getting them into treatment. This book will further that effort.”
Michael M. Faenza, President and CEO, National Mental Health Association

“Highly recommended.”
The Midwest Book Review

“...a must read for clients who suffer with depression or bipolar disorder...also helpful for the mental health profession because it presents a number of techniques which can be used as homework assignments for clients.&rdquot;
The Masters' Advocate, March-April 2010

“Dr. Preston’s approach is gentle and compassionate, yet firm...everyone who reads this book will benefit from his holistic approach to healing.”
ABIL Newsletter

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