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Successful Problem Solving

Successful Problem Solving

A Workbook to Overcome the Four Core Beliefs That Keep You Stuck

by Matthew McKay

Published by: New Harbinger Publications

Imprint: New Harbinger Publications

128 Pages, 8.25 x 11.00 in

  • Paperback
  • 9781572243026
  • Published: November 2002


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Some problems just don't seem to go away. Another season goes by, and you're still behind the same desk, even though the promotion you wanted didn't come through again. Month after month, you and your spouse quarrel about the same old issues. And you still haven't lost the weight you wanted to lose, or kept up that exercise program. You make resolutions, or promise yourself you'll think of a plan. Time passes, and nothing happens. You're right back where you were, and nothing has changed.

Something inside you stands in the way. Maybe you tell yourself you just don’t deserve to get what you want, or it’s too dangerous to risk a change. Maybe you doubt your ability to fix the problem anyway, or you worry that you might hurt someone else if you tried to change things.

Now, in this new guide, best-selling authors Matthew McKay, Ph.D., and Patrick Fanning will show you how to challenge these four core beliefs that keep you stuck in old ways of acting and living. You will discover the tools you need to work out any problem that you’ve been unable to solve—whether in your career or finances, your relationship or your family, your health or your lifestyle.