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The Stress Owner's Manual

The Stress Owner's Manual
Meaning, Balance and Health in Your Life
Second Edition




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ISBN: 9781886230545
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About the Book

Stress is inevitable in our rocket-paced age. But you have more control over it than you may realize. The key is to keep your balance. Recognize that how you view stressful life situations is at least as important as what may be causing the stress itself. This second edition of the practical, verbal and graphic guide to personal stress management offers specific solutions: maps, checklists and rating scales to help you assess the areas of stress in your life; dozens of "stress buffer" activities to help you deal with stress on the spot; life-changing strategies to prepare you for a lifetime of effective stress management. Emphasizes attitudes, behaviors, relaxation, time management. Includes updated material on eating habits and physical fitness to reflect current thinking. Special emphasis on meaning, keeping life events in perspective, and, of course, keeping your balance.


Edmond Boenisch (Author)
Edmond Boenisch, PhD, is deputy director of the Wyoming Community College Commission. He also served as Adjutant General for the Wyoming National Guard for eight years, and prior to that appointment he was dean of students at Laramie County... Read more

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The Stress Owner's Manual Second Edition
Michele Haney (Author)
Michele Haney, Ph.D., is president of Morgan Community College, Colorado. Her challenges involve the balancing act of single parenting of a teenage boy, a professional life and finding time for a personal life.

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The Stress Owner's Manual Second Edition


“...a remarkable book about one of the most destructive health problems and how to deal with it daily positively and correctively... before it causes damage to the physiological and psychological systems.”
Leonard J. Hansen, Copley News Service

“Stress Owner's Manual... highly readable brass-tacks first rater...”
Cricket in the Corner,

“Helps readers locate the sources of stress in their lives.”
Training and Development Journal

“Book of the Month.”

“...refreshing and reality-oriented action book...”

“Very comprehensive.”
Yoga Journal

“Good as a tool for the therapist... and the client.”
Hypnotherapy Today

“...find some time... to take a look at...[it]...”
Catholic Campus Ministry

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