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A Cancer Patient's Guide to Overcoming Depression and Anxiety

A Cancer Patient's Guide to Overcoming Depression and Anxiety
Getting Through Treatment and Getting Back to Your Life



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About the Book

Modern medicine has developed solutions that allow cancer patients to live longer lives, but depression and anxiety often make these years painful and difficult. This book develops the techniques of behavior activation therapy into practical activities people recovering from cancer can use to recognize and overcome problems with depression and anxiety. Relieved from these two sources of emotional pain and limitation, readers of this book will be able to live life fully and apply their energy to the task of getting better.

Successes build on one another, creating a model for ever more positive feelings in the future. The key to success, though, is to keep focusing on engaging in enjoyable behaviors without getting bogged down by pain, frustration, and worry. Keeping on track is easy with the step-by-step approach offered in the book.


Derek Hopko (Author)
Derek R. Hopko, PhD, is associate professor and associate department head in the Department of Psychology at The University of Tennessee. He graduated from West Virginia University and completed his residency and post-doctoral training at the... Read more

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Carl Lejuez (Author)
Carl W. Lejuez, PhD, is associate professor in the Department of Psychology and founding director of the Center for Addictions, Personality, and Emotion Research (CAPER) at the University of Maryland. He graduated from West Virginia University and... Read more

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The authors have provided a useful and straightforward approach to dealing with the emotional distress that often accompanies cancer and its treatment. The strategies provided are grounded in good clinical science and are both practical and efficacious. The guide should be a real resource for anyone dealing with cancer.
—Steven D. Hollon, Ph.D., professor of psychology at Vanderbilt University

A Cancer Patient’s Guide to Overcoming Depression and Anxiety is an excellent reference for patients, students, and clinicians alike. It provides a readable overall style and flow and captures practically relevant information that is informed by cutting-edge work in the field. Hopko and Lejuez have provided a much-needed resource to patients and scholars alike with this important and timely book.
—Michael J. Zvolensky, Ph.D., associate professor of psychology at the University of Vermont

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