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By Mark A. Reinecke, PhD, author of Little Ways to Keep Calm and Carry On

One thing is for sure: in this age of COVID-19, we are worried.

By Janina Scarlet, PhD

During this truly unprecedented time, many of us are turning to telehealth to provide care for our clients. However, with that comes a number of challenges, including our own uncertainty about how helpful and effective we will be over telehealth.

By Jenna LeJeune, PhD

How do I get this mic to work? What angle will hide my bed in Zoom? Can someone make the dog stop barking? There’s been so much to figure out as many of us rapidly adjust to doing therapy remotely. No wonder so many of us are in constant problem-solving mode these days!

By Gleb Tsipursky, PhD, author of The Blindspots Between Us

Your relationships will be undermined or even destroyed by the coronavirus (COVID-19), unless you take proactive steps right now to save them. 

Don’t believe me? Consider the facts.

In the current pandemic, keeping your immune system strong is extremely important. In a free e-booklet, How to Strengthen Your Inner Shield, physician and author Cynthia Li, MD, offers key science-based strategies, beyond physical distancing and hygiene measures, for building up what she calls your “inner shield.”

Dr. Li’s e-booklet covers:


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