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A Letter from the Authors of The Anxiety Workbook for Kids, Crystal Clarke, MSW, RSW & Robin Alter, PhD, CPsych

by Ann Marie Dobosz, MA, MFT

It’s the start of a new school year. For healthy strivers—kids with big goals and high standards—this is a time of excitement, anticipating the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. For perfectionists—kids with impossible expectations and intense fear of failure—this is a time of high anxiety.

How can you help your adolescent or college-age child be a healthy striver rather than a destructive perfectionist?

A Letter from Mark Bertin, MD

By Pat Harvey, ACSW, LCSW-C

Parents who bring their children to therapy are often desperate, anxious, and scared. They wonder if they are responsible for the difficulties their child is experiencing and may worry that they will be judged as inadequate parents. They may feel guilty or act defensive.

Being a parent can be tough work, and when kids don’t cooperate, it’s easy to lose your cool and raise your voice. But is there a better way for parents to get their point across? In this exclusive Q&A, author, longtime nurse, and temperament specialist Rona Renner gives us the lowdown on parenting, discipline, and her new book, Is That Me Yelling?, which offers frustrated parents everywhere effective communication strategies that focus on their child’s unique temperament.

As a nurse, what inspired you to write Is That Me Yelling?


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