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(In case there is any confusion, Suzanne would like to point out that the following post is largely tongue-in-cheek)

1. Nothing exists.

2. Everything that seems to exist is illusory.

3. This appearance is meaningless, yet miraculous, and is its own purpose.

4.  All apparent dual reality is oneness.

5. Any thought, feeling, sensation, or action that seems to occur is perfect.

6. No matter how paradoxical the happening, it is perfect, i.e., fear-based ego reactions “after” oneness has been “seen” or apprehended.

by Darryl Bailey

People often have the impression that a non-dual teaching is telling them to stop participating in life.

They hear someone describe the fact that if you rest, and make no attempt to do anything, you may discover that everything is happening spontaneously. From this, they get the impression it’s saying you should always attempt to do nothing.

This Is It. This Is Enough. This Is What It Is (And It Isn’t Anything Else)

by Richard Sylvester 

Congratulations to Non-Duality Press on their new site and new format. This publisher has shown itself to be a respected source of nondual expression. Having enjoyed their offerings in print, I look forward to seeing what they come up with in the realm of the cyberverse. I am also grateful to Non-Duality Press for this chance to write.


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