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Which Self-Sabotaging Habit Does Imposter Anxiety Trigger in You?

By Ijeoma C. Nwaogu, PhD, author of Overcoming Imposter Anxiety

Imposter anxiety is an experience of fear of failure and self-doubt. At its core, imposter anxiety manifests through four distinct self-sabotaging habits: Push Back, Shut Down, Escape, and People-Pleasing. The Self-Sabotaging Habit Quiz™ will pinpoint which habit may be holding you back from living the life you desire when dealing with imposter anxiety. Here are brief descriptions of the four habits.

1. The Push Back Habit

You overwork and overcompensate. You find yourself micromanaging others, overextending yourself, and putting on a tough disposition to be viewed as capable or worthy.

2. The Shut Down Habit

You become silent, indecisive, delay decisions, and avoid taking initiative.

3. The Escape Habit

You shrink yourself to keep from being noticed, arrive late or leave early to avoid certain group activities, or dodge challenging growth experiences.

4. The People-Pleasing Habit

You struggle with setting boundaries. You also flatter others excessively, downplay your strengths, code switch, and struggle with self-advocacy.

How The Self-Sabotaging Habit Quiz™ Works

This quiz is designed to give you personalized insights into your primary self-sabotaging habit. By answering a series of targeted questions, you’ll gain a clear understanding of:

· the habit that your dealings with imposter anxiety is sparked by

· the triggers of your self-sabotaging habit

· resources to overcome your self-sabotaging habit

Keep in mind—what might be deemed a weakness can be indicative of your unique strength under certain circumstances. Because when you’re in an environment where you feel psychologically safe, these weaknesses can transform into strengths. A special feature of this quiz, then, is to not only give you a report of your self-sabotaging habit—but it also uses this information to determine and reveal your unique strengths!

Imposter anxiety is a complex phenomenon, but you can begin the process of overcoming it by identifying your self-sabotaging habits. Allow this QUIZ to guide you.

Ijeoma C. Nwaogu, PhD, is a credentialed life coach, and owner of Everlead, LLC—a leadership development coaching and consulting enterprise. Nwaogu has led numerous talks across the United States on overcoming imposter anxiety.

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